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How Tokyo Olympics 2020 Promoted Themselves Through Digital Marketing

As You Know, Tokyo Olympics 2020 has been started on 23 July and ends on 8 Aug with over 11000 athletes and 339 Events of 206 Countries competing with each other for Gold. Olympics is a Very Big Game Organization and It is a mixture of many games and countries. Many Countries participate in this tournament and many players play for their country and represent their culture on the Olympic platform. This is a Pride moment for each person to see the athletes of their country on the International Platform.

So here we are discussing “How Digital Marketing contributing to The Olympic Games” In Nowadays Digital marketing is spreading everywhere through Digital Mediums and Increasing the reach and engagement for the businesses and organizations who want to grow with Digital Marketing channels and Digital Marketing also uses in the high medium games like cricket, football, Hockey and also in Olympics.

Olympics committee and organizations are also implementing the digital marketing strategy to reach the targeted audience related to Olympic games. They are using digital media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by making awareness posts and videos about Olympic updates. By using digital marketing Olympics runs their creative post and ads on all social media platforms to reach a valuable audience to aware of the Olympics games.

Digital Marketing is a very broad platform that extends your reach all over the world and here you can also target people specifically. People are aware of the Olympics by the creatives and posts which are comprising of content and media related to the Olympics. IOC and other sponsors are working tirelessly to attach fans from the stay-at-home era.

Digital Marketing Strategy to Increase Tokyo Olympics 2020 Awareness

One week ago, from the Opening ceremony of the Olympics, we are Keeping the eye on the most powerful Digital engagement and Marketing by many digital marketers of Olympics updates and winner updates. Indian Olympic Committee and Other sponsors had worked for the entire year to advertising digitally due to the postponement of the Olympics during the lockdown and It is being beneficial for them because they got an entire year instead of few months to make full proof digital marketing strategy for Olympics.

Digital Marketing Strategy to Increase Olympic Awareness
Digital Marketing Strategy to Increase Olympic Awareness
Digital marketing strategy
Digital Marketing Strategy to Increase Awareness

If we talk about the digital marketing strategy of the Olympics 2020, we can start with the director of digital engagement and Guru that is Christopher Carroll who is leading the digital marketing of the Olympics and he changed the Direct-to-Consumer model with Direct To People. In the lockdown period when people were able to connect Digitally. So, Carrol and his entire team made a multinational strategy for digital marketing.

The Olympic committees think globally but act locally on the Digital Mediums Platforms. Assume that you are a fan of the Indian Hockey Team and exchange your preferences and interests with us, then we will show you the content according to your Interests through our digital platforms.

Olympics Ad Creatives
Olympics Ad Strategy
Tokyo Olympic Ad Creatives

Advertisement Strategy in Tokyo Olympics 2020 through Digital Mediums

There are many advertisements strategy that is Implementing by sponsors and committees in the Olympics. Director of Digital Engagement Christopher Carroll needed to deliver a strong message and #strongerdelivers together just that. The first promotional video out of many Inspirational videos was used to create a buzz and keep the torch lit into the hearts of fans. The #strongertogether is the series on YouTube which shows the story of worldwide Olympians for brand awareness with the use of sentiments. The latest videos continued to be released on the regular basis within the #strongertogether YouTube series.

Tokyo olympics ad strategy
Advertisement Strategy in Tokyo Olympics 2020 through Digital Mediums

The series #strongetogethere is covering the stories of some best Olympians like Jamaican sprinting legend Usain Bolt, Syrian swimmer Yusra Mardini and Tennis champion Naomi Osaka. It also presents the talent of world-class skateboarder Tony Hawk because he represents the Olympic community in the first game.

By mixing the content Including great organized events, beautifully created videos, and posts around the successful and talented Olympic athletes the IOC can engage their fans and Digital Community. IOC is using EVERY online platform of Digital Marketing like Facebook, Instagram. Twitter, Linked In, and Other Digital Medium where people are engaging in bulk.

Statistics of Olympics on YouTube of Official Channel of IOC- There are more views on Indian matches videos more than other athlete’s videos so in Digital Marketing platforms YouTube is the main source of marketing to engage with the Indian Audience.    

How Sponsored Companies Are Implementing Digital Marketing In Tokyo Olympics 2020

13 worldwide sponsors are doing marketing and advertising for the Olympics as a partner by using Digital marketing platforms that means they are the only brands that are allowed to use the Olympics’ branding in their marketing and advertising campaigns. The brands that are sponsoring the Olympic games globally are Coca-Cola, Alibaba Group, Atos, General Electric, Omega, Panasonic, Samsung, Procter & Gamble, Toyota, Visa, and Bridgestone.

Sponsored Companies
Sponsored Companies

All Sponsor Companies are promoting and advertising Olympics on digital platforms like a Digital Marketer. They are using social media platforms, OTT platforms by creating posts and videos of some of the best moments of the Olympics or some great and Inspiring stories of the best performance of the athletes by adding sentimental and motivational content to Inspire the audience towards Olympics and to have them engaged with the Olympics.

Alibaba Implement the strategy of Small businesses in their ad creatives with Olympics because they deal with small businesses worldwide so they make their ad on small things, small countries, unknown athletes, and small people and do motivate in their video ad creatives and relate them all with their brand motive that is empowering the businesses.

Visa has also created their video ad with the Olympians and Paralympian athletes relating to health exercises and taglines because they were promoting their brand motive in the creative ad. So, the strategy for the Visa ads was engaging with people by showing the brand motive, and how Olympians are using their products in their life by which the people are inspired by the brand.

So, the main strategy of these brands is to give value to their audience in the ad creatives by using sentiments and running them on social media platforms with selecting of targeted audience. On FB and Instagram, the audience reach is very high So Brands can easily Connect with the audience to be aware of their brand product or services.

Sony Liv is also prompting the Olympics through Digital Marketing strategies and Increasing their engagement with the People by making ads and posts on the social channels by using of Digital Marketing strategy. Sony Liv is running a tv channel and an online live app and broadcasting Olympics games on these channels and apps, but they need to aware their audience about their programs. So they are using digital marketing to increase awareness in people’s minds.

How to promote your business like Olympics through Digital Marketing

You can also grow your business by promoting it through digital marketing platforms and can take your business on a high scale. After COVID– 19 Pandemic, most businesspersons have registered their businesses online because of loss in offline businesses, and after using digital marketing in their businesses they have grown at a better scale in the market. Olympic sponsors and committees are promoting and advertising their games and athletes with the use of Digital Marketing. They are making Olympics videos connected by their brand, product, and services and post them on digital platforms to aware people of their events and also targeting the audience by running the ads on various social media platforms.

You can also grow like an Olympic sponsor by using digital marketing and can contact a Digital Marketing Company to grow your business globally. To know about digital marketing and using digital marketing in your business, contact Trade-In Domains we are providing the best services of Digital Marketing to Promote your business globally like Seo, Smm, Online Advertising, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Chatbot, and many other services.

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