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Social Media Marketing for Makeup Artist | Beauty Industry.

Social Media Marketing for Makeup Artists – Increase Brand Awareness Leads and Sales? Contact Trade In Domains (a digital marketing agency) provides leading Social Media Marketing Services that drive traffic and boost conversion.

Social media is one of the major tools for networking and constructing your business as a Makeup Artist. Instagram is an excellent visual tool that allows them not only to showcase their excellent work but also to create a business page. It can provide opportunities for clients to choose the right makeup artist for them.

Social Media Marketing

Let’s List Two Basic Authority You Can Conclude by Creating a Business Recognition on The Internet for Your Makeup Work (Both Through Social Media and A Professional Website):

  • Strengthened network of clients.
  • Innovative and compatible community of artists.

Makeup Artist is the one who enhances one’s beauty with his/her supernatural makeup. As a makeup artist, whether you manage in a freelance capacity or formation within a salon or a makeup studio, it’s extremely helpful to be visible on social media.

How Social Media Marketing For Makeup Artist Helps To Increase Credibility?

In this piece of article, you will learn a few tips and tricks for doing social media marketing for Makeup Artists.

Cover Image – Take the full power of your cover image. Include pictures of your work or you can even make a collage of your makeup masterpieces. You can change your cover image once you have some offers for bridal makeup or a batch open for your courses, and market them accordingly.

Use loads of photos of your work – The most collective post on social media is images. You are in the business of fashion and beauty and they are extremely visual. Ensure to make the most of it.

Videos – Videos drive more engagement than images. If you have video tutorials of makeup, making of makeup or any other videos related to your work include them in your update.


Reviews – Include your client’s testimonials and reviews in your updates. People would love to see how your product has helped or benefitted others. By doing this, you are also helping your potential clients to make their decision in buying your product/services.

Blog – Blog anything about your work, your interviews, your busy days, make-up tips, hair do’s, etc. Link your blog posts on all your social media networks.

Do Not Exaggerate – Don’t be in a hurry on every post asking people to contact you or buy your services. This is because none of us likes to be advertised. People are smart enough to find your contact details and get in touch with you if they like your work.

Page likesDo not focus on buying likes/ fake likes or followers. Instead, focus on your target audience and build your community. Eventually, engagement is likely to happen with an authentic target audience who is interested in your products or services.

Here are 5 Ways to Enlarge Your Social Media Presence as a Makeup Artist!

Social Media Marketing For Makeup Artist & Studio.

Keep Your Content Strictly About Makeup

It has always been said, don’t mix business with pleasure! I’m sure that your friend’s birthday party was a really fun time last night- but keep that for your page! When you want your account to represent you and your work, you want it to be of the highest quality. No less than that.

If your intended purpose is to gain clients and have a place to reference your work, your page should be just that. If people want to see makeup posts, give them makeup posts! I’m sure that’s why they’re following you.

Although you should keep your page strictly about makeup, there is no harm in having some fun! That can include posting a quote about beauty once in a while that speaks to you. Or, including a question at the end of a post asking your followers about their favorite lipstick. Having an engaged online community boosts views and comments. It is always a positive idea to encourage involvement and a sense of humor! Personality is important.

Post-Before & After Pictures

Social media is extremely visual. When you work with a client, showing a before and after can do so much more than just presenting the after picture. Showing a before and after picture tells a story and showcases your craft. Makeup is a physical transformation as well as an art and you want to make sure people can see what you can do.

Make sure to find a suitable light and keep both photos at the same angle. Having a neat and formal presentation of both photos is paramount for quality purposes. It will help if you also have a solid background. It will look clean and professional. By avoiding background distractions, you are making sure that the main focus of the photo is centered around your work! Side by side is most effective for comparison purposes.

Tag Makeup Brands in Your Photos and Use Hashtags

When you post a picture, tagging the makeup brands that you use is a smart way to build your social media presence. Many makeup brands look for quality content and repost pictures of customers using their products. Tagging makeup brands increases the likelihood that the makeup company will repost your picture and share it on their platform (which usually consists of millions of people!). Having even one company share your picture can result in a huge spark of followers and course potential clients. The more people that can see how talented you are, the better.

Use Tools for Posting on Multiple Platforms

If you want to be consistent on social media, it is a smart idea to have a plan on posting your content. Some tools allow you to post on different social media accounts at the same time. Being on different social media platforms allows you to have more than one audience and extends the likelihood that more people will see your work.

If you want to be on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at the same time and have consistent posts, it is key to make sure that you are organized.

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