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What’s the Instagram Subscription feature?

Currently, Instagram is experimenting with an Instagram subscription feature, as you know, since Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently changed the name of the company from Facebook to Meta.

The company says they will offer the option to take a subscription on Instagram soon. For example, as we need to recharge our phone every month, you will have to renew your Instagram membership/subscription every month. This renewal won’t be from the Instagram app.

The information was shared by Alessandro Paluzzi (Full-stack Android developer in Java and Kotlin)  via his Twitter account. Like Instagram, there’s been no sanctioned announcement of this so far. However, these features will soon be seen in the app.

What are the benefits of an Instagram subscription feature?

With this subscription, the company says, Content Creators and Influencers will receive further benefits. Their earnings will increase. It’s estimated that the price of an Instagram subscription in India could be Rs 89. It’s not a fixed amount. The price can be more or less from it.

Similar to how it is possible to join a YouTube channel next to the subscribe to the channel option, Instagram will also add a join option for content creators and influencers. Subscribers to those accounts can become members.

Members of that creator are able to take membership in those accounts. A special badge will be visible with the name of the member. This is to be able to recognize which member has taken membership/subscription.

Content Creators and Influencers will earn profit from Instagram subscription

Instagram subscriptions will benefit all content creators and influencers, as they will earn money each time someone subscribes to their account. With this feature, creators and influencers will be able to earn money from the user.

Subscribers to Instagram will also get access to some special content. When you want to chat with the influencer, your badge will appear with your name next to theirs. And people can also watch live videos of their favorite creators. Maybe in the future, these features will become more widespread.

Creator and Influencer will get a separate section

As a result of the company’s initiative, now the creator will also be able to earn on Instagram by creating content about effects. 

There are many people like this who are giving people useful information on Instagram and amusing them.

There will be a separate section for Creators and influencers, where they can check how many people have subscribed to their Instagram account. 

And how many subscribers are presently subscribed and how many subscribers are about to expire.


What is Instagram Subscription? I have explained, The benefits of Instagram Subscription have been told. It depends on you whether you want to take an Instagram subscription or not.

Without a subscription, you will be able to use the Instagram app. Or you can subscribe to the account of your favorite creator.

Do you like the new Instagram subscription feature? Do you think this feature should be available on Instagram or not? Do let us know in the comment section.

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