As we all know, there are many industries growing with digital marketing are getting into business but also it is not everyone’s cup of tea. As a business, you need to make some tough calls and decisions every day. And you are responsible for every decision you make whether it’s going in the direction of profit or the direction of loss. So, it becomes very important to operate in a manner to gain maximum profit.

Now, we are all aware of how rapidly digital marketing and online marketing are overtaking a lot of marketing strategies. Almost every sector/industry is ready to invest in digital marketing techniques because it has a very good ROI (Return On Investment) rate. 85% of industries have even started plotting graphs and charts on how they are going to implement digital marketing in their business. 

Here are top 5 industries which have managed to utilize the potential of Digital Marketing so well that they are growing insanely.


Have you ever tried searching for symptoms/precautions/cures through an online resource for your health condition? Many of us had. Finding an online solution is the first thing we all do.

Although it’s difficult to take the entire health industry online, basic information of any condition is easily available nowadays.

Many medical websites are getting synced with professionals to come out with the best results they can. Moreover, with graphics and informative articles, the health industry is growing well in the field of digital marketing.

Some of the sites are Mayo Clinic , WebMD, Everyday Health.

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The education industry is one of the industries growing with digital marketing with on a very low budget for marketing. The reason is that they are using all the platforms in every way they can. And getting excellent results results almost everywhere, because every platform either social media or blogging spots contains students, teachers and professionals.

Though initially, no one thought that education can also enter into digital marketing.

Now coming to the competition, as it is growing very fast, the competition is very high in the education industry. You need to make your marketing strategies as effective as you can. Other than that, many universities and colleges are using social media to communicate cooperate with students and guardians. This helps them in building a connection with students and guardians.

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If we were to nominate the top 3 industries growing with digital marketing, the Retail Industry would be one of them with maximum ROI. Big companies like TATA, RELIANCE, BIRLA etc. are gaining a huge amount of ROI through digital marketing, and it’s no less than a stair of gaining success for small retailers, businesses and startup.  If you start your websites or connect with people on social platforms it helps a lot to gain maximum clients or customers.

The most valuable and finest benefit for these industries is that they resolve every small problem before it becomes a big concern or issue. 

India Retailing is a  very popular site for data, examination, analysis and news on Retail Business in India and Indian Retail Industry.

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4. LAW: 

You may be surprised, but yes, the Law industry has also entered the world of digital marketing and is using it very well to grow (without doing anything against the law ofcourse… Just Kidding). Have you ever wondered what retired lawyers and judges do? You know it’s very easy to misguide the untutored public. Many lawmakers/experts have started blogging and posting about the basic law everyone should be aware of. 

MEDIUM and Huffington are some of the web journals posting and blogging about legal matters and topics. So, the people unaware of the facts, read the blog in detail which gives the authors a good enough ROI.

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There’s no need to tell someone how the entertainment industry has become the best place in digital marketing to share the part of life. You can post your happiness, anger, suggestions, sadness, anything with people whenever you want. Other than that, it has become the source of collecting data from a trailer launch to behind the scenes of any visual entertainment or multimedia. IMDb and Youtube are in a big competition to be ranked no.1 [Source(AELIEVE)]

Digital channels provide a platform where the personal data of your followers are easily available which is further combined with analytics to advertise particular entertainment items to specific target audiences. ROI for entertainment organizations using digital marketing is higher than with conventional media. (Source: Digital Vidya)

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The world is going digital today. And India has started to be a part of it. Our industries are going online which is also a need of the hour and digital marketing is proved to be a game-changer here.

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