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Gloria Food System termination from India

Gloria Food, an Oracle Company provides food delivery software services for restaurants. Restaurants are using it to make a restaurant’s food ordering websites and apps to their customers easily. It was a free service provider company where you can use the company’s software to take orders of food from the customers. 

The Gloria Food company has been acquired by Oracle India on June 25, 2021. Oracle has extended its Oracle MICROS Simphony Cloud POS by including Gloria Food System to provide digital power to restaurants on every scale, either small or medium through the web and mobile apps. 

On September 29, 2021, Gloria Food gave a one month’s advance notice to its users for the termination of its services from India. That means Gloria Food will terminate its services from India on October 29, 2021.

Gloria Food Notice
Termination Notice

Gloria Food system has the power to convert your website visitors into your regular customers. You can say Gloria Food has made your website a money-making machine. The key benefit is, you are able to take unlimited orders at zero cost.

So, in short, we can say Gloria Food is like a gold mine of orders for the restaurants. But now Oracle India has acquired Gloria Food, its services will be terminated from India on 29 October 2021.

Termination effects on the restaurants

This termination will affect the restaurants’ financial condition on a huge scale. The growth rate of the restaurants will slow down. Most restaurants are dependent on Gloria Food to serve their food online with digital mediums like websites, apps & mobile.

Gloria Food helped to get more clients for the restaurants, always available to provide the best services to your customers. The powerful system of Gloria Food optimizes your website or apps according to your customer’s expectations and needs.

When termination will come on the ground level, then restaurants that are using the Gloria Food System would not be able to take online orders on the website or apps. The customers won’t be able to order their favourite food from their favourite restaurants anymore. The impact of it?

Restaurants would lose their valuable customers and won’t be able to make new online customers unless they find another way to provide an online ordering service.

Restaurants always want to find an easy to use online food ordering system and Gloria Food is known for its easy to use the platform free of cost. It’s going to reduce the profit of the restaurants because of a good number of customer losses.

Nowadays, people want their food free of delivery cost at home due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. After the termination of Gloria Food, they won’t be able to order from their favourite restaurants, which would lead them to order from other online food deliveries (i.e. other restaurants, Zomato, Swiggy, etc.) This is definitely not going to be a good deal for the restaurants.

How to solve the Gloria food termination issue?

We are here to provide the solutions before the termination. The restaurants can get the best solutions from this article to solve & retain their customers.

Here we have listed some digital mediums that you can use to fill the gap of Gloria Food.

Make your own Software You can develop your own food ordering software and connect it with your website.

When you have your own software it will also create brand awareness for your restaurant.

There will be more restaurants that will also be needing an online food ordering system. You can provide your software service to them too.

Make Your Own Website- You can contact a Digital Marketing Agency to develop a website for your restaurant with an online food ordering system. Having an online food ordering website is going to give you a good return on investment.

Make Your Own App- Many online food apps are delivering the food by taking delivery charges from the customers that affect the cost of food. If the restaurant develops its own app, then it can provide free delivery services to its customers at a lesser price. This will be similar to having an online food ordering website.

Let’s talk about the benefits of the app as compared to the website. With the app, you can easily reach your customers because a huge number of people prefer apps over websites. Ordering food via an app saves so much trouble ordering via a website as apps are more simplified than websites.

WhatsApp Business App- Connect with your customers through the WhatsApp business app. You can send links to your existing customers on WhatsApp who have visited your website. You can collect their details like contact numbers, e-mails, etc. via the google form added on your website. Thus, you can send them exciting offers & schemes on their WhatsApp numbers.

Through the WhatsApp Business App, you can also attach your website or app link at the end of the message & add a CTA button like “ORDER NOW” to get your order. 

Email Marketing – Email Marketing is a very helpful technique to engage with your customers. Emails can contain many schemes & offers that can allow your customers to go on your website and order the food. With email marketing, you can also send all types of links like websites, apps etc. which will direct them to your restaurant’s website & app to place their order.


Soon Gloria Food will be terminated from India. A large number of restaurants have been using Gloria Food because the benefits of delivering the food are very easy & helping to make new customers on a daily basis because of the smart mechanism of the software.

From the restaurants that are with Gloria Food, customers can easily order the food without any hesitation. The regular customer’s retention rate was getting high because of the smart & easy technology of Gloria Food. Restaurants were making more new customers on a daily basis that resulting in an increase in their profit percentage.

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